Our Auto Service / Inspection Services

The Local
Can Fix It All!

If it’s broke, The Local can fix it! The professionals at The Local can handle all types of vehicles, including American muscle, Japanese tuners, and European exotics! We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for each customer’s auto service / repair needs. The Local provides superior quality service at the best rates in town! From electrical to A/C, from coolants to oil, from suspensions to engines, The Local has you covered!

The Local provides State Inspections too! Stop by, call us, or schedule online to ensure your car is in compliance with all state and local regulations! Don’t worry(!), if there is anything your vehicle needs attended / repaired while going through your inspection, The Local has you covered!

Our Auto Services

Full-service Auto Care

The Local can handle all state inspections to ensure your vehicle meets all the state and local requirements. Need a tune-up?! The Local has you covered!

Whether you need new brake pads, brake fluid, or other brake-related products / services, The Local can assist in diagnosing and fixing any problem!

The Local can handle tire / wheel alignments to ensure you get lasting life out of those expensive tires you purchased, as well as fix any steering issues for responsive and comfortable driving performance!

Potholes suck! The Local can handle all your suspension and shock absorber repair needs ensuring you have the smoothest ride in town (even your baby won’t wake up after hitting that massive pothole!) and won’t drain your bank account!

Is there anything worse than blasting hot air in the summer, or frigid air in the winter? The Local can diagnose and repair any vehicle’s heating and cooling needs!

When your car’s electrical system malfunctions or dies, it can be a huge hassle! Luckily, The Local provides comprehensive electrical diagnostic and repair services to suit your needs.

Engine and transmission repairs can be confusing and costly, but not at The Local. We’ll talk to you through every step of the process, from diagnosis to repair of your vehicle’s issues!

Whether you need an oil change, coolant exchange, or another fluid service, you can count on The Local to take care of your vehicle. And, if your oil’s simply low, we’ll gladly top it off for you!

At The Local, we offer wheels and tires to suit your tastes and budget!

The Local is the best destination for all your general maintenance and repair needs! We can easily diagnose and repair almost any automotive issue and get you back on the road as quickly as quick as a flash!

If you need a battery test, battery repair, or battery maintenance, turn to the professionals at The Local. We can diagnose and repair any battery issues in the shop and have you out as fast as greased lightning.

At The Local, we can handle it all! Our capabilities span from servicing American muscle, Japanese tuners, and European exotics! You name the car brand, we’ve worked on it!

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